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The Official and Brand New
Drunk Chick Trading Cards Affiliate Program

Attention Webmasters
& Promoters, Salespeople, Marketers etc.

International Famous Canadian artist Chris Wright has painted himself a new style.

Thirty Six painting of Drunken Chicks and a different marketing route is required this time.
Who says the art galleries don't censor content. They do!

Join the gravy train and promote the art that everyone wants.
This time the revolution will be televised....

What will I be selling?

Artwork. Full sets of Drunk Chick Trading Cards. Art & entertainment- not porn.

How do I get images?

There is a section for you to access promotional banners, images and relevent content to add to your website. More images will be added on a semi-regular basis. Keep your eye on our press release section.

How do I join?

It's easy, but the program is on hold. If you would like to suggest special arrangments, have questions or represent a website with a larger volume web of traffic then please email Chris personally at Chris@DrunkTrade.com or he can be contacted through icq - 20620142

How do I get paid?

Our affiliate program script automatically keeps track of your commissions. You will get paid through check, paypal or cash. Every member gets a special username and password to access your stats.

How often do you mail checks?

Checks (or chosen payment method paypal etc.) are mailed at the end of every month. No minimum amount required. One sale and you will be paid. We won't hold your money. Some programs hold your money until it reaches the hundreds.

We make money - you make money.


the affiliate program
is under repair.


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It's all hassle free!

We do the packaging and shipping. Our homepage will always have higher prices then the ones you will be asking.

We have seller protection. You will never be undersold by our websites. You will always make the same the large percentage selling for the lowest sale price!

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Make Money with me - Chris Wright

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This program is in the early stages. Be one of the first to promote this brand new concept while it is still a well kept secret.


This is some of the most amazing artwork the world has yet to see. Hyper-realistic surreal , fantastical , fresh , Escheresque, detailed and fun, loved the world over. Chris Wright is a true celebrity.

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