drunk chick artwork - trading cards showing the hottest and sexiest drunken women

Example Sample #1

There are 36 full color illustrations on these cards by world famous artist Chris Wright

Here are a few sample cards.

maggot girl - your one way ticket to hep-c . @nd class travel for a drunken fellow like yourself. Love thy neighbour and share your gutter swill

Drunk Chick Trading Card #2

Maggot Girl

She's the girl who's always sneaking off with other people's pitchers and sucking back the dregs of somebody's unfinished gutter swill. One time at a party she drank a bottle of pee that some guys told her was Belgian import. Her theory is that it is worth ingesting a few beer soaked cigarette butts to attain a cheap high (and a one way ticket to Hep-c)

Designed by Chris Wright