drunk chick artwork - trading cards showing the hottest and sexiest drunken women

Drunk Chick Trading Cards Suggested Retail Price list

1 Pack of 8 cards - may contain special signed cards. FREE SHIPPING*
$ 8.00

Full set of 36 Drunk Chick Trading Cards in crystal clear card case with "Morning After game" and checklist card.FREE SHIPPING*

$ 40.00

Uncut sheet of Drunk Chick Trading Cards - full set of 36 cards uncut, printed on front and back of large poster sized 12 point card stock - very collectible and rare FREE SHIPPING*


Uncut sheets and cards available autographed by the artist.

We've gone through yet another credit card processor. Paypal keeps putting them out of business yet they won't do business with the likes of the Drunk Chick Cards. So until further notice, we will only be accepting cash, cheque, money orders or bank transfers.

Mail your payment to:
Chris Wright
366 Richmond St
studio #3
London Ontario Canada
n6a 3c3

The set contains the details (located on card # 24) to enter our secret section for fans and drunk chicks.

Wholesale orders? Please email Chris Wright direct for some great pricing.

Located in the States and want a great deal on a set?

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please direct all questions to DrunkTrade@gmail.com